In Place Architecture, PLLC has extensive experience with custom home design, documentation and engineering. Below you can find a few different homes that were designed and built as spec homes. In Place Architecture, PLLC performed all drafting and engineering (except structural) on the below projects:

Pima Canyon Spec:

4,844 SF
Sold Feb. 2014: $1,370,000

"Pima Canyon Residence.

Sin Vacas Spec:

3,351 SF
Sold Feb. 2015: $950,000

"Sin Vacas - Catalina Foothills.
"Sin Vacas - Project Rendering.

Speculative (Spec) building:

Speculative land development or construction is to build with no formal commitment from the end users of the finished product. Contrast with custom building, where the builder is under contract to produce a specific structure. The speculative builder anticipates that a demand exists or will form for the product when it is put on the market.